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"I had a 23 month old girl Ellie who didn’t sleep throughout night since she was 3 months old after two years of sleepless nights I decided to give cranial osteopathy a try. Ellie would go asleep at 7 and then wake at 11 and every twenty minutes for the entire night.
Then she started to wake earlier each night and just stay awake the entire night. She was very cranky and irritated during the day. She teethed very badly and had constant ear and throat infections. We tried every medication, even the doctor gave us a strong anti histamine which should have made her sleep, but it didn’t. Ellie was our second so we knew how to tackle sleep problems but nothing would work. On my first visit Jenny was confident she could help but said it would take about 6 weeks with one session a week.
She explained to me that Ellie had trapped nerves in her neck and a lot of pressure in her head from the bones not going back into place after birth (she had a very bad birth). After the first session Jenny explained what I should expect and exactly what Jenny said had happened, after the third night she slept through and we just couldn’t believe it but by the fifth and sixth night she started to wake up again as she needed her second session after this she slept even more the following week and this continued each week. After a few months of sleeping through she had two bad falls banging her head each time. She started to wake up so after a night or two I called jenny and she did a session on her. Jenny felt the falls had retriggered her initial strain pattern and treated it cranially, that night she slept through and has since. After reading all the books, getting all the advice, trying absolutely the only thing which worked on my daughter was cranial osteopathy, I have recommended it to a number of friends for different problems and it has worked for all of them. In future if I had any baby problems I would try an osteopath first."

"I have suffered with back and neck pain for over 8 years when the pain got very bad I would usually visit the doctor and get prescribed painkiller and muscle relaxants.
In November of 2009 I was suffering badly so much that I was not sleeping properly I had taken my prescription for 5 days and it was not working and at that point I decided I had to do something else. A friend told me how she visited an osteopath and that she felt the experience had been a positive one and recommended I find one in my area. I decided to follow her advice and rang an Osteopath who gave me Jenny’s phone number. I made an appointment for that same day and after my first appointment I was happy that Jenny had got a grasp of the problem and felt that although I felt no immediate pain relief I actually felt less stressed about the situation. Next morning I slept until 8 am and the pain in my back and abdominal area was much less than previous days. I have continued to visit Jenny when I feel the need and when I stick to her advice I always feel better.
I am now sleeping well all the time I have no requirement for painkillers etc and now work in a physically demanding job which I would not have been able to do last year."
Joe, aged 35

"I attended the osteopathic clinic with persistent problems in my neck, shoulder and lower back. I had never had osteopathy before and did not know what to expect. The treatment was very gentle and enjoyable, most importantly it has proved to be extremely effective. I had a few treatments quite close together and found that nearly all my discomfort had disappeared. I also felt that my mood had improved as well and I was not carrying as much tension in my neck and shoulder area.
I now go have treatment every 3-6 weeks for maintenance. If I miss a session I really do notice an increase in tension and eventually pain in my trouble spots. I look forward to my treatments and always leave the clinic feeling much more relaxed and stress free than when I arrived."
Mary, aged 40

"Shortly after returning from holidays I developed a severe problem with my lower back. I had great difficulty bending and was in a lot of pain. I made an appointment with an Osteopath and this was my first osteopathic treatment. The Osteopath diagnosed a problem with my sacro-iliac joint, performed some gentle manipulation and recommended some exercises. I immediately began to improve. Within a week I was back playing golf and over the next couple of weeks I made a complete recovery. My experience of Osteopathy has shown it to have a great understanding of the how the body functions and is expert at bringing balance about in the body systems. I have attended regularly over the past 6 months for a number of other ‘’aches and pains’’, the result of old sporting injuries, car accidents, etc. I have found treatments to be very effective and to work with the body in a sympathetic and relaxing approach. I consider the treatments I have received to be excellent and I always leave the clinic feeling very well, relaxed and energised. I whole heartedly recommend 'Osteopathy' to anyone suffering from 'ills of the body'."
Donal, aged 50

"During my pregnancy I experienced severe lower back pain from 20 weeks. I initially tried yoga which I found very difficult to enjoy due to the lower back pain even walking was painful & I was finding it hard to sleep. I attended Jenny’s clinic every 2 weeks from 20 weeks & with recommended exercise & treatment was able to enjoy my pregnancy & get some much needed sleep.  In the later stages Jenny worked on my pelvis as I planned to have a natural birth with the use of gas & air only. I had a very quick & easy birth early this year with a quick recovery & I believe I have Osteopathy to thank for that.
When Clodagh was a week old I also brought Clodagh for 3 treatments over the course of a month as she was very mucousy & unsettled after the fast delivery. I am a huge advocate of osteopathy during pregnancy & have recommended the same to friends & colleagues resulting in similar successful stories."
Laura, aged 33

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